Demosaicing by Smoothing Along 1D Features

Boris Ajdin           Matthias B. Hullin           Christian Fuchs
Hans-Peter Seidel           Hendrik P. A. Lensch

MPI Informatik

Adaptive-Homogeneity Demosaicing Proposed method Demosaicing comparison to previous "state-of-the-art". From left to right: Adaptive-Homogeneity Demosaicing (AHD), the proposed method.


Most digital cameras capture color pictures in the form of an image mosaic, recording only one color channel at each pixel position. Therefore, an interpolation algorithm needs to be applied to reconstruct the missing color information. In this paper we present a novel Bayer pattern demosaicing approach, employing stochastic global optimization performed on a pixel neighborhood. We are minimizing a newly developed cost function that increases smoothness along one-dimensional image features. While previous algorithms have been developed focusing on LDR images only, our optimization scheme and the underlying cost function are designed to handle both LDR and HDR images, creating less demosaicing artifacts, compared to previous approaches.

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