AIDA: Accurate Online Disambiguation of Named Entities in Text and Tables


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AIDA is a framework and online tool for entity detection and disambiguation. Given a natural-language text or a Web table, it maps mentions of ambiguous names onto canonical entities (e.g., individual people or places) registered in the YAGO2 knowledge base.

You can try AIDA on any text you like in the online demo. In case you are interested in using AIDA programmatically, the source code is available on

To experimentally verify the quality of AIDA, we annotated nearly 1,400 newswire articles with the entities mentioned in each article. This collection is available for download (see Downloads).

Further Information

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Downloads and Datasets

The AIDA source code is available For AIDA to work, you will need to download our YAGO-based entity respository from our download page and import it into a PostgreSQL server.


Find all datasets related to AIDA in our downloads area.

AIDA JSON Web Service

We provide a HTTP JSON web service for AIDA so that you can try it out without any hassle of setting it up. It's as easy as:


curl --data text="Dylan was born in Duluth."


More information is available in our web service description.

Please do not use it for comparison in scientific papers or for running time experiments, as the service changes continuously. If you want to compare AIDA for research, please download it and set it up on your own machines.


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    For scientific works, please cite this paper


AIDA can be tested online, with different methods and configurations for entity disambiguation: AIDA Demo

AIDA Web Demo

Please use either Firefox or Chrome to view the Demo.


In the EMNLP 2011 paper, the results are given on the subset of 228 CoNLL testb documents wich could be processed by all the competitor methods (1270testb, 1308testb, and 1349testb are missing). We did this for the sake of comparability. The results of our AIDA methods on all 231 CoNLL testb documents are given below. The short names are the same as in the paper.

Macro Precision@1.076.6580.8180.8682.0271.36
Micro Precision@1.076.6580.0682.2482.2966.55
AIDA results in % on all 231 CoNLL-YAGO testb documents (using the original EMNLP 2011 code)



Macro Precision@1.076.0081.0380.6781.6675.16
Micro Precision@1.076.6180.5682.0582.5470.46
AIDA results in % on all 231 CoNLL-YAGO testb documents (using the code re-engineered early 2013)