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YAGO2s: A High-Quality Knowledge Base

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Download the latest release of YAGO2s (Version YAGO 2.5.3).

You can download the entire YAGO2s ontology in one piece. (Extracted from 2012-12-01 version of Wikipedia.)

Download YAGO 2.5.3 in .ttl format! (2.2 Gb compressed, 18.5 Gb uncompressed)

Download YAGO 2.5.3 in .tsv format! (2.2 Gb compressed, 18.5 Gb uncompressed)

You can use 7-Zip program to uncompress the 7z files. If you use Windows OS, see or
If you use Linux, see

Download YAGO2s Themes

You can also download just the portions of YAGO2s that you need. Each portion is called a theme. There are 8 groups of themes:


The domains, ranges and confidence values of the relations
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
All rdf:type facts of YAGO
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
The entire YAGO taxonomy. These are all rdfs:subClassOf facts derived from Wikipedia and from WordNet.
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Transitive closure of all rdf:type/rdfs:subClassOf facts
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
A simplified rdfs:subClassOf taxonomy. This taxonomy contains just WordNet leaves, the main YAGO branches, and owl:Thing. Use with yagoSimpleTypes.
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
A simplified rdf:type system. This theme contains all instances, and links them with rdf:type facts to the leaf level of WordNet. Use with yagoSimpleTaxonomy.
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
All facts of YAGO that hold between instances
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
All facts of YAGO that contain labels (rdfs:label, skos:prefLabel, isPreferredMeaningOf, hasGivenName, hasFamilyName, hasGloss)
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
All facts of YAGO that contain literals (except labels)
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
IDs from GeoNames classes
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Classes from GeoNames
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
IDs from GeoNames entities
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Data from GeoNames, e.g. coordinates, alternative names, locatedIn hierarchy, neighbor of
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Statistics about YAGO and YAGO themes
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
All temporal and geospatial meta facts of YAGO. This complements the raw facts of yagoFacts.
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
All sources of YAGO facts
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Names for the Wikipedia instances in multiple languages
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Multi-lingual labels for classes from Universal Wordnet
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Mappings of YAGO classes to YAGO-based DBpedia classes. For the mappings between YAGO classes and other DBpedia classes, as well as the mapping between YAGO relations and DBpedia relations, see -> Linking
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Mappings of the WordNet-based YAGO classes to the ids of WordNet
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Mappings of YAGO instances to DBpedia instances
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Thematic domains from the Wordnet Domains project of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, . These domains group WordNet classes into topics such as 'Music', 'Arts', or 'Soccer'. The data was generated using the WordNet mappings provided by the NLP Research Group of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, .
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV
Stores the sizes, outlinks, and URLs of the Wikipedia articles of the YAGO entities.
PreviewDownload TTLDownload TSV

Database Importer

We provide a database script to load Yago2s into a Postgres database.

To run this script;

Download database importer!

More About YAGO2s

We do not offer the converters for download any more!

If you want to learn more details about YAGO2s, read the following tutorial! It explains;

  • what you need to work with YAGO
  • what the file formats are
  • how to produce SVG images from YAGO
  • how to load YAGO into a database
  • how to query YAGO in SPARQL

YAGO old archives

You can still download YAGO1 and YAGO2 from archives.


Download the logo of the YAGO ontology as PNG, PNG (small), PDF, JPG, SVG
YAGO ontology logo


The YAGO Logo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 3.0 License by the YAGO team of the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics.

The YAGO Ontology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License by the YAGO team of the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics.