Michael Stark (Post-Doc)

Personal Information



Research Interests

  • Object Class Recognition
  • Probabilistic Models
  • Machine Learning


 Supervised Theses

  • Marcus Rohrbach. Visual Knowledge Transfer Using Semantic Relatedness Measures
  • Sandra Ebert. Dirichlet Process Mixture Models for Object Category Recognition
  • Philipp Lies. Extracting Affordance Cues from Observed Human-Object Interactions
  • Sebastian Schneider. Discovering Interaction Points on Objects using Human Hand Tracking


  • Winter Semester 2007/2008: Introduction to Computer Science 1 (Lab exercises)
  • Summer Semester 2007: Advanced Programming Techniques in Computer Vision (Exercises)
  • Winter Semester 2006/2007: Introduction to Computer Science 1 (Lab exercises)


 Awards and Honors


  • Cognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistants (CoSy)

Former Affiliations

  • Research Associate at Fraunhofer Integrated Information and Publication Systems Institute (IPSI), division Data Mining (MINE)
  • Research Internship at AT&T Labs, Florham Park, New Jersey, USA

 My Erdös Number is at most 4 (via Noga Alon, Dan Suciu, Mary Fernandez).

Other Affiliations

Stanford University, DAGS


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