Intern Application

We accept applications for internships with deadlines every 4 months. Due to the high uncertainty of the current situation, we currently do not know when we will call for applications next.

Applicants are expected to have completed their Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related field or be in the final year of their Bachelor studies when starting the internship. Internships are for a period of two months. MPII covers travel and accomodation, as well as provides an allowance for costs of living.

Applications contain an English academic transcript, a brief CV (which may include achievements relevant to the application), a short statement of interests relating to the internship (at most one page), and contact information for a reference willing to provide a recommendation letter. For the latter, the host of an internship or another stay abroad is preferred if available. We will request the letters shortly after the deadline. Applicants are encouraged to inform their letter writers about the process in advance, to ensure that letters arrive on time.

Moreover, applicants need to provide a time window of availability and name one or two potential supervisors from the department; possible supervisors are D1 researches with a completed Ph.D. degree. We strongly recommend to consider dates that are at least 3 months after the deadline of the call for applications and encourage applications whose windows reach beyond the subsequent call's deadline. If applicants can make a clear connection towards further potential advisors, they are free to mention this in their statement of interest; in these (expected to be exceptional) cases, the two named potential advisors should be those the candidate is most interested to work with.

Applications will be made electronically.