Optimization and Entrepreneurship


Basic Information

Given by:Andreas Karrenbauer
Time:Thursdays, 14:00 - 16:00 (tentatively, there will be a poll among the actual participants)
First Meeting:17 October 2019 postponed to 24 October 2019
Credits:7 credit points
Prerequisites:core course Optimization recommended
Registration:Please register to the mailing list if you would like to participate or even just to be updated about this seminar. Registration to the mailing list is not binding and does not replace the official registration according to your study program.


Optimization problems occur everywhere. In this seminar, we will investigate this claim from the perspective of an entrepreneur. Starting from an idea for an optimization problem, we will discuss all aspects relevant for successfully founding a viable company. That is, we will discuss not only useful mathematical methods from the optimization toolbox but also economic and legal facets of enduring enterprises. To this end, each participant must first make a pitch for a business idea or for their valuable skills they could contribute to one.


The grade for this seminar will heavily depend on active participation throughout the semester, a final presentation, and a final report.


The successful participation in and grading of this seminar is separate from and unrelated to any seminar participant's choice to remain involved in a resulting enterprise. The latter will follow after the end of the seminar and may incur costs.


Oct, 24Kick-Off Meeting