CG Seminar

The Computer Graphics Seminar is a bi-weekly seminar for the computer graphics group.
Invited speakers will talk about their on-going or published research in a rather flexible format allowing for feedback and discussion.

The seminars take place every-other Thursday (starting April 18th, 2019) from 11:30am - 12:30pm.

There will be lunch after the talk.

Organizers: Vahid Babaei and Gurprit Singh

Schedule 2019

Date Speaker Title
18.04.1019 CG-Lunch talks  
02.05.2019 CG-Lunch talks  
16.05.2019 Jonas Martinez (Inria) Generalized Voronoi diagrams for Mechanical Metamaterial Design
30.05.2019 no talk  
06.06.2019 Carola Dörr postponed
13.06.2019 tba  
27.06.2019 Julian Panetta (EPFL) X-Shells: A New Class of Deployable Beam Structure
04.07.2019 Qi Sun (Adobe) Human Learning: Understanding and Computing the Eyes and Brain in VR
11.07.2019 tba  
July summer break  
August summer break  
12.09.2019 Christoph Peters (KIT)  
26.09.2019 Maks Ovsjanikov (LIX Paris)  
10.10.2019 Emanuele Rodola (Univ. Rome)
24.10.2019 Evan Yifan Peng (Stanford Univ)
07.11.2019 tba  
21.11.2019 tba  
05.12.2019 no talk Xmas Party
  winter break  

CG Lunch Talks

CGLunch is a weekly seminar where we discuss ongoing or upcoming work - in general half-baked ideas. The purpose of the meeting is to foster the flow of ideas, stimulate collaboration within the group, and for the presenter to get qualified feed-back during early stages of a project. Preliminary results are very welcome but CGLunch is the wrong forum for presentations on submitted papers or practice talks.

As the name suggests we will provide some food (in order to save your precious time).

Everybody in the graphics group gives a CGLunch talk and you are responsible to fill your assigned slot. If you for whatever reason know that you will not be able to present at the assigned date contact Renjie Chen.

Your presentation should not exceed 15 minutes plus additional Q&A. Please send title and abstract of your talk one day in advance.

Here are some guidelines you should follow when you are preparing a CG Lunch talk:

  • Your talk should discuss ongoing or upcoming work.
  • Your talk should end with a list of open questions, which you want to discuss with the group.
  • CGLunch is the wrong forum for presentations on submitted papers or practice talks.
  • If you are new to the group, it is a good idea, if you present former work in order to introduce it to the group. However, you should at least have one slide that explains your planed projects.
  • Give a short presentation of max. 15 minutes. If you have more than 10-15 slides your presentation is too long!
  • Many people within the group work on different projects and there are always people who are new to the group. Therefore, it is extremely important that you prepare the talk on a level that everybody can follow. In the first part of your talk you should explain your idea/project on a level, which can be understood by people with little computer graphics background.
  • If you think a formula is necessary, please plan extra time to explain it in detail.


    11:15Two talks
    (11:30)If there is only one talk
    12:00Food and Discussion

Tentative new schedule Sep - Mar

date lunch seminar
05.09. Sebastian+Florian  
12.09.   Peters, Christoph
19.09. Mallikarjun + Mohamed  
26.09.   Ovsjanikov, Maks
03.10. holiday  
10.10.   Rodola, Emanuele
17.10. Gereon + Björn  
24.10.   Peng, Evan
31.10. Jozef  
28.11. Kripa  
05.12. no talks xmas party
12.12. Marc + Rhaleb  
December xmas, NY break xmas, NY break
January Siggraph break Siggraph break
06.02. Siggraph Sub Show Siggraph Sub Show
13.02.   Eslami, Ali
20.02. Mojtaba, Lingjie  
27.02.   Oswald, Martin
05.03. Franzi + Jiayi  
12.03. (Ayush)  
19.03. Abhi  
26.03. (Karol)