Databases and Information Systems

Count Information

Cont information is the relation between an entity and a set of entities that can be expressed individually, as X is an employee of Z, Y is an employee of Z or as a cardinality Z has N employeesIdentifying such information in text and knowledge bases (KBs) and linking the two variants can

  1. identify incomplete entity enumerations
  2. ground counts in representative entities
  3. identify KB inconsistencies
  4. enhance downstream tasks like search and question answering

Most research focus on numerical facts without joining the dots between numerical facts specifying cardinal information and their corresponding entity-to-entity grounding facts. Popular general-purpose KBs have limited ability to recognize such predicates. 


  • Shrestha Ghosh, Simon Razniewski, Gerhard Weikum. CoQEx: Entity Counts Explained. (WSDM 2023) [pdf] [poster] [video
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Demos and Posters

  • CoQEx: user demonstration for the entity count queries.
  • CounQER: user demonstration on our predicate alignment queries on Wikidata and DBpedia. 

Datasets and Code

  • Class cardinality comparison: [data|code]
  • Answering count queries with explanations: [data|code]