TimeSEA - Time-centric Search, Exploration, and Analytics projects


Though initially developed at Heidelberg University, we are actively working on maintaining and extending the multilingual and domain-sensitive temporal tagger HeidelTime.

More details can be found here.


The goal of this project is to automatically extract and explain street names with date references across the world.

More details and a link to our date-Rome system can be found here.

tiwiki - a time-aware search engine for Wikipedia

The goal of the tiwiki project is to make a time-aware search engine for Wikipedia available to the general public.

More information and the tiwiki search engine can be found here.

tiwoli - today in world literature

In the tiwoli project, we are analyzing temporal expressions in large corpora of world literature.

More details about the project and links to the tiwoli apps and the tiwoli online exploration tool can be found here.