Care and reconciliation

Overview of Offers


The Equal Opportunities Officer is available to answer questions about the offers as well as other questions about work-life balance.


The balance of work or research and family life is a central concern of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (MPII), which is why the Institute’s management, its joint administration, and the equal opportunities officers are working hand in hand on this subject. Because starting a family brings major life changes, parents and parents-to-be are provided with all relevant information and get support through various offers and programs. These include, in particular, childcare options and flexible working time models.

The MPII’s support begins during pregnancy.  The personnel department advises parents-to-be on the various offerings from the Institute as well as from the Max Planck Society.

Important benefits, e.g. the state offered child and parental allowances, must be applied for independently. Deadlines must be observed! For further information, including further services, see, e.g. the webpage of the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth: Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend. Also, it is important to register for a place in a kindergarten or daycare as early as possible. (We cannot guarantee that this is an exhaustive list of benefits and offers.)

Furthermore, the Institute offers numerous childcare options for the little ones. Not only can parents choose from daycare centers near the Institute, for example, the "UNIKATE" daycare center on the campus, or the "MEINE VILLA" daycare center in the city center, but they may also use the parent-child office and nursery room in the MPII building. In addition, the Institute has a framework agreement with the family service agent pme, which provides childcare and care for the elderly.

Family-Friendly Company

The compatibility of work and family life is increasingly becoming a focus for companies that are actively concerned with the satisfaction of their employees, even when they are not at work.

In the competition for creative minds, which are essential for successful research,
Max Planck institutes have long recognized that flexible working time models with regard to the family are
necessary in order to attract top scientists to the institutes.

Likewise, the provision of childcare and support for family care obligations is supported by appropriate measures at both institutes.


Pme Familyservice



Arrangement of childcare:

  • Childcare at home (babysitter)
  • Au pair/Granny to go
  • In some cases, arrangement of places at nursery or daycare facilities
  • Placement in holiday care centres operated by third party providers cooperating with pme

Arrangement of back-up emergency care:

Homecare eldercare

  • Consultation in the event of illness and need for long-term care for close relatives
  • Individual consultations on alternative care solutions
  • Comprehensive advice on how to finance care
  • Procurement of care personnel and domestic staff, out-patient services and places in homes
  • Under certain circumstances, emergency care at short notice in private households 
  • Help in coping with illness, disability and care dependence

Online portal

  • Self-search functions via databases for babysitters and childcare facilities 
  • Tutorials on questions like, for example, provision for old-age or administrative procedures related to the birth of a child (new)
  • Information on the portfolio of services on offer to MP


Further information are availableon MaxNet.

Don´t hesitate to conctact the Equal Opportunity Officer, if you have further questions. 


Parents' Mainling list

The Parents mailing list offers parents at the institutes the opportunity to exchange information with each other. In addition, the Equal Opportunities Office uses this list to inform parents specifically about relevant offers, such as leisure activities for children or family support programmes. Interested parents can register on this list under the following link.