Newsletter 2/21

Current school and day care regulations in Saarland

Since 15 March 2021, all grades in all types of schools can once again be taught in full or partial face-to-face classes. The current hygiene measures, such as the wearing of masks, will continue to apply. The KiTas continue to offer care according to need. This means that every child who needs care can continue to go to his/her day care centre. All parents and legal guardians are asked to make responsible use of these regulations.

For further information, please read the websites of the Saarland state government:

Parents' mailing list

The Parents mailing list offers parents at the institutes the opportunity to exchange information with each other. In addition, the Equal Opportunities Office uses this list to inform parents specifically about relevant offers, such as leisure activities for children or family support programmes. Interested parents can register on this list under the following link.

Contact persons at the Institute and at the Max Planck Society in case of conflicts

If conflicts or sensitive issues arise, both the institutes themselves and the Max Planck Society offer a range of support services and contact persons to whom employees can turn in confidence. The following list includes the most important ones; more information can be found in the enclosed documents and on the intranet page in the box "Conflict Management".


Contact persons at the institutes:

Career advancement of female scientists; balancing family and career: 
Equal Opportunities Office

Questions regarding parental leave/child benefit and other offers from public agencies and the Institute on family-related topics:
Human Resources Department

Ombudsperson for Good Scientific Practice and Doctoral Affairs:
Uwe Waldmann

Care appointee for disabled persons:
Volker Geiß

Company doctor:
Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. med. Albrecht Schwall & Tanja Pahl
Mecklenburgring 1, 66121 Saarbrücken
Tel 0681 - 812247


Law firm as confidant: 
Wirsing Hass Zoller - Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft MbB
Maximilianstr. 35C, 80539 München
Tel: 089 - 290071-0

Dr. Christine Dross
Tel. 089 - 290071-28

Thomas Müller

Mental Health Collective

Offer from Max Planck Society:

Employee and Manager Assistance Program EMAP:




Childcare in Covid-times

Parents are entitled to so-called children's sick days for the care of sick children under 12 years of age with continued payment of wages (90% of wages) by the health insurance fund. Since the Corona measures are increasingly causing bottlenecks in childcare, the federal government has now doubled the children's sick days. For children up to 12 years of age, 20 days can be taken per parent. Single parents are entitled to 40 days. This applies not only in case of illness, but also if there is demonstrably no care option. For the time being, the measure is only valid for one year.

Further information is available on the federal government's website.


Schools and Daycare in Saarland

After the winter holidays on 22 February 2021, the schools will gradually reopen. Initially, for the primary school pupils and the primary level of the special schools, there will again be face-to-face teaching, alternating weeks with homeschooling. The KiTas (Daycare centres) will continue to offer care according to demand. At the end of February, a decision will be taken again on possible further models for the extension of face-to-face teaching. You can find all information about the current school operation and the kindergartens here.



Help for homeschooling

The State Institute for Pedagogy and Media (LPM) has set up an advice hotline for all questions about homeschooling. The number is 06897-7908-123.

You can download the brochure "Learning from home" here.


Saarland University

The regulations for the winter semester 2021/22 will be extended. This means that in the summer semester 2021, courses will also be held online. The restriction on attendance at all locations will be extended until 31 March 2021. Events as well as all meetings with three or more people must be held virtually. Service will only be offered digitally or by telephone. The libraries on the campus are open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. with certain restrictions.

Examinations in which assistive devices are not permitted must be held in presence. A medical mouth-nose protection must be worn during the examination.


Regulations of the Max Planck Society

 More information in the intranet of the MPG:



Info IIc - Möglichkeiten zur Kinderbetreuung

If you have any questions regarding these MPG internal regulations, please contact the Human Resources Department.

**All information described here is without guarantee and may be subject to current changes.**