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Department 1: Algorithms and Complexity Prof. Dr. Kurt Mehlhorn
  Combinatorics, Computing, and Randomness Dr. He Sun
  Combinatiorial Optimization Dr. Andreas Karrenbauer
  Prof. Dr. Kurt Mehlhorn
  Geometry, Topology, and Algebra Dr. Michael Kerber
  Dr. Michael Sagraloff
  Algorithmic Game Theory Dr. Martin Hoefer
Department 2: Computer Vision and Multimodal Computing Prof. Dr. Bernt Schiele
  Perceptual User Interfaces Dr. Andreas Bulling
  Scalable Learning and Perception Dr. Mario Fritz
  Combinatorial Image Analysis Dr. Bjoern Andres
Department 3: Computational Biology and Applied Algorithmics Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lengauer
  Molecular Networks in Medical Bioinformatics (former group) Dr. Mario Albrecht
  Computational Systems Biology (former group) Dr. Jan Baumbach
  Computational Epigenetics Dr. Christoph Bock and Prof. Dr. Thomas Lengauer
  Structural Bioinformatics of Protein Interactions Dr. Olga Kalinina
  Statistical Learning in Computational Biology Dr. Nico Pfeifer
  High-Throughput Genomics and Systems Biology Dr. Marcel Schulz
  (Excellence Cluster on Multimodal Computing and Interaction)  
Department 4: Computer Graphics Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Seidel
  Applied Geometry Dr. Klaus Hildebrandt
  High Dynamic Range Imaging Dr. Karol Myszkowski
  Human-Computer Interaction Antti Oulasvirta, Ph. D.
  Rendering and GPUs Dr.-Ing. Tobias Ritschel
  Embodied Interaction Dr. Jürgen Steimle
  Graphics, Vision & Video Prof. Dr. Christian Theobalt
  Statistical Geometry Processing Dr. Michael Wand
  Feature-Based Data Analysis for Computer Graphics and Visualization Dr.-Ing. Tino Weinkauf
Department 5: Databases and Information Systems Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weikum
  Knowledge Harvesting Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weikum
  Scalable Management of Uncertain Data Dr. Rainer Gemulla
  Data Mining Dr. Pauli Miettinen
  Text+Time Search & Analytics Dr. Klaus Berberich
  Independent research groups at MMCI:  
  Querying, Indexing, and Discovery in Dynamic Data Dr. Sebastian Michel
  Exploratory Data Analysis Dr. Jilles Vreeken
Independent Research Group: Computational Genomics and Epidemiology Dr. Alice McHardy
Research Group 1: Automation of Logic Prof. Dr. Christoph Weidenbach
  Reasoning in Complex Theories Prof. Dr. Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans
  Effective Quantifier Elimination Priv.-Doz. Dr. Thomas Sturm
  First-Order Model Checking Dr. Uwe Waldmann
Otto Hahn Research Group: Ontologies Dr. Fabian M. Suchanek

Former Departments

Department 2: Programming Logics Prof. Dr. Harald Ganzinger