Educational Activity Recognition Framework and Dataset

The framework is implemented in MATLAB and has the below features. The framework is accompanied with an educational dataset as well as a number of example scripts that produce all the results described in the paper. The framework and dataset can be downloaded HERE.


  • Support for arbitrary number and type of sensors with different configurations and placements, participants, as well as activity classes
  • Fully parametrized and customizable (window size, step size, number of features, etc)
  • Different evaluation methods (frame-based, activity event-based)
  • Plotting functions (confusion matrix, feature ranking, feature distribu- tions, PR- and ROC-curves, parameter sweeps)
  • Easily extendible with new classifiers, features, etc.
  • Large number of sample evaluations (all of those described in the paper)
  • Experiments-Pipeline: Effortless adding of new experimental settings


  • Discriminant Analysis (Matlab)
  • Discrete/continuous Hidden Markov models (HMMToolbox, Kevin Murphy)
  • Support vector machine (SVM light/liblinear, C++)
  • JointBoosting (Torralba, Implementation Wojek C++)
  • k-nearest neighbour (kNN, Matlab)
  • Nearest class centre (NCC, Matlab)
  • Naive Bayes (Matlab)

Segmentation methods

  • Sliding Window
  • Energy-based

Supported features

  • Mean
  • Variance
  • MCR (mean crossing rate)
  • ZCR (zero crossing rate)
  • Several FFT features

Feature selection methods

  • Minimum redundancy maximum relevance (mRMR, filter)
  • Sequential forward selection (SFS, wrapper)
  • Sequential backward selection (SBS, wrapper)

Decision fusion approaches

  • Early (feature-level)
  • Late (classifier level)


  • Person-independent
  • Person-dependent
  • Cross validation leave-one-person,fold-out
  • Evaluation tools:
    • Confusion matrix
    • Timeframe-based evaluation
    • Precision-recall curves + AUC, equal error rate (EER), average precision (AVGPREC)
    • Event based criterion (hit and min50)
    • Output label statistics