Department 6: Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence

The Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence Department investigates foundational research problems at the intersection of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. It is our long term vision to develop entirely new ways to capture, represent, synthesize and simulate models of the real world at highest detail, robustness, and efficiency. To achieve this long term goal, we develop new concepts that rethink and unite established approaches from Computer Graphics and Computer Vision with concepts from Artificial Intelligence, in particular Machine Learning. 

Our work lays the foundations for a new of thinking about computer graphics, and a new way of uniting and enriching the real world with computer graphics technology. It also lays the foundations for advanced methods to better perceive, understand and interpret the complex real world in motion surrounding us from visual observation, which is an essential capability of future intelligent computing systems that safely and intuitively interact with humans and the human world.

Headed by Prof. Dr. Christian Theobalt

Saarbruecken Research Center for Visual Computing, Interaction and Artificial Intelligence (result of strategic partnership between MPI-INF and Google)

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Spotlight and News


  • 04/2024 2 STAR reports accepted to EUROGRAPHICS 2024.
  • 04/2024 8 papers accepted at CVPR 2024, including one poster highlight.
  • 02/2024 4 papers accepted at 3DV 2024.




  • 12/2021 2 papers accepted to NeurIPS 2021.
  • 10/2021 Our work presented at ICCV 2021 was featured on the ICCV Daily.
  • 10/2021 Franziska Müller received the Eduard Martin Award of Saarland University.
  • 09/2021 Our paper "Learning Speech-driven 3D Conversational Gestures from Video" received the IVA 2021 Best Paper 
  • 09/2021 10 papers accepted to ICCV 2021.
  • 07/2021 Abhimitra Meka received the EUROGRAPHICS 2021 PhD Award Honorable Mention.
  • 06/2021 6 papers will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2021: 4 papers accepted to SIGGRAPH 2021, 2 additional ACM TOG papers will be presented.
  • 03/2021 Christian Theobalt accepted the offer to become a Scientific Director at MPI for Informatics where he will establish a new Department working at the intersection of Graphics, Vision and AI.
  • 03/2021 8 papers accepted to CVPR 2021, including 2 orals.
  • 06/2021 4 papers accepted to SIGGRAPH 2021.
  • 03/2021 Christian Theobalt accepted the offer to become a Scientific Director at MPI for Informatics where he will establish a new Department working at the intersection of Graphics, Vision and AI.
  • 03/2021 8 papers accepted to CVPR 2021, including 2 orals.


  • 11/2020 3 paper accepted to 3D Vision 2020.
  • 10/2020 2 paper accepted to NeurIPS 2020.
  • 09/2020 5 papers accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia.
  • 08/2020 Our work presented at ECCV 2020 was featured on the ECCV Daily.
  • 08/2020 9 papers accepted at ECCV 2020, including 1 oral and 1 spotlight.
  • 06/2020 Our paper DeepCap received the CVPR 2020 Best Student Paper Award Honorable Mention (video)
  • 05/2020 Christian Theobalt receives EUROGRAPHICS Outstanding Technical Contributions Award.
  • 04/2020 2 papers accepted at SIGGRAPH 2020.
  • 04/2020 1 STAR report accepted at Eurographics 2020.
  • 03/2020 8 papers accepted at CVPR 2020, including 3 orals.


  • 09/2019 1 paper accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019.
  • 07/2019 Mo2Cap2: Real-time Mobile 3D Motion Capture with a Cap-mounted Fisheye Camera received the Best Journal Paper Honorable Mention at IEEE TVCG Proc. VR 2019.
  • 04/2019 5 papers presented at SIGGRAPH 2019: Three papers accepted to SIGGRAPH 2019, two additional TOG papers will be presented.
  • 02/2019 5 papers accepted to CVPR 2019, including 3 orals.





  • 03/2015 Our book Digital Representations of the Real World: How to Capture, Model, and Render Visual Reality by CRC Press that is edited by M. Magnor, O. Sorkine, O. Grau and C. Theobalt can be pre-ordered.
  • 03/2015 Four papers accepted to CVPR 2015.


  • 12/2014 Christian will be one of the Program Chairs of 3DV in Lyon, together with Jana Kosecka and Michael Brown.
  • 12/2014 Our paper VDub Modifying Face Video of Actors for Plausible Visual Alignment to a Dubbed Audio Track will be presented at EUROGRAPHICS 2015, project page.
  • 12/2014 Our paper on Investigating the Dexterity of Multi-Finger Input for Mid-Air Text Entry was accepted to ACM CHI 2015, project page.
  • 09/2014 Two papers accepted to 3DV 2014.
  • 09/2014 Our work on Real-time Shading-based Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras was accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2014, project page.
  • 09/2014 Our work on Outdoor Human Motion Capture by Simultaneous Optimization of Pose and Camera Parameters was accepted to Computer Graphics Forum 2014, project page.
  • 06/2014 Our work on Real-time Non-rigid Reconstruction using an RGB-D Camera was accepted to SIGGRAPH 2014, project page.
  • 06/2014 Our work on Automatic Face Reenactment was accepted to CVPR 2014, project page.