Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Department 6: Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence

The Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence Department investigates foundational research problems at the intersection of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. It is our long term vision to develop entirely new ways to capture, represent, synthesize and simulate models of the real world at highest detail, robustness, and efficiency. To achieve this long term goal, we develop new concepts that rethink and unite established approaches from Computer Graphics and Computer Vision with concepts from Artificial Intelligence, in particular Machine Learning. 

Our work lays the foundations for a new of thinking about computer graphics, and a new way of uniting and enriching the real world with computer graphics technology. It also lays the foundations for advanced methods to better perceive, understand and interpret the complex real world in motion surrounding us from visual observation, which is an essential capability of future intelligent computing systems that safely and intuitively interact with humans and the human world. 


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