Combinatorial Optimization in Machine Learning and Image Analysis

We discuss combinatorial optimization problems that arise in machine learning and image analysis research. Suggested topics include

  • Linear Ordering
  • Multicut
  • k-Terminal Cut (k-Way Cut, Multiway Cut)
  • k-Cut
  • Max Cut
  • Max Flow
  • Multicommodity Flow
  • Min Cost Flow
  • Biclique Decomposition
  • Quadratic Assignment

Student projects may cover material from classical papers as well as cutting-edge research.


Course Information

Semester:  SS Year:  2014 Lecture start:  Wed, 16.04 Time and Location: 

Wednesdays, 2.30pm - 4pm, E1 4, R 633

Lecturer(s):  Bjoern Andres

                       Andreas Karrenbauer


Lecture Material:  Literature