Internships for Bacherlor with Honors Students from TU Vienna

All departments of MPI for Informatics accept applications for internships by students who participate in the Bacherlor with Honors degree program of TU Vienna. Please direct applications (in English) and general related questions to Dr. Andreas Karrenbauer. We advise that you identify potential area(s) of interest and encourage you to contact potential supervisors before filing an application. The webpages of the departments and researchers at MPII inform about our research activities and interests, but we also encourage you to propose own topics. An application should include:

- cover letter including the intended period of the internship, proposed supervisor(s), and a brief overview of your research interests relating to the prospective internship

- CV

- contact information of a professor at TU Vienna supporting the application and willing to provide a reference letter on request

- current academic transcript


Q: How long are the internships?

A: This is negotiable. Many supervisors at MPII encourage a longer duration than the basic four weeks required by TU Vienna, as four weeks allows for very limited projects only. Accordingly, you may consider to apply for a longer stay. Note that you are free to collect additional credit points towards your degree this way, if you make this part of an extended BHons program!

Q: Does MPII support me financially?

A: We cover travel expenses (one round-trip) and accomodation for all accepted applicants. In addition, there is a fixed allowance aiming at covering your increased expenses during the period of the internship.

Q: Who should I choose as my referee?

A: The default choice would be your mentor in the Bachelor with Honors program. However, if you feel that someone else is better suited to comment on your expertise regarding the topics relevant to your prospective internship, you are free to name this person instead.

Q: Why should I contact potential supervisor(s) upfront?

A: This is a way of asking for possible topics and/or proposing them. If you have questions concerning the content of the internship, you need to direct them at your prospective supervisor. Moreover, they may be interested in information that is not listed here. Last but not least, you can confirm the availability of prospective supervisor(s) for the planned duration of your internship.

Q: Are there constraints on when an internship can take place?

A: There are no constraints that apply in general. However, if you propose a specific timeframe, it is important to check with you potential supervisor(s) whether they can host you during this period. On another note, planning the internship not too early in your course of studies is preferred from our side, as by that time there is a better foundation for tackling research-oriented topics.