Algorithms & Complexity

D1 Talks

Noon Seminars

  • Danny Hermelin, 12/10/2023: 'No polynomial kernels for Knapsack'
  • Panagiotis Charalampopoulos, 05/10/2023: 'Almost Optimal Edit Distance Oracles'
  • Tuukka Korhonen, 03/10/2023: 'TBA'
  • Prajakta Nimbhorkar, 28/09/2023: 'Matchings with Fairness Constraints'
  • Klaus Jansen, 26/09/2023: 'New Algorithmic Results for Scheduling via ILPs'
  • Alexandra Lassota, 14/09/2023: 'Small lecture on integer programming'
  • Nick Fischer, 29/08/2023: 'PhD Defense Nick Fischer'
  • Yanheng Wang, 29/08/2023: 'Probabilistic Analyses of PPZ'
  • Tomasz Kociumaka, 25/08/2023: 'The Seaweed Method for Computing Edit Distance'
  • Gunjan Kumar, 20/07/2023: 'Approximate Model Counting: Is SAT Oracle More Powerful than NP Oracle?'
  • Spyridon Angelopoulos, 19/07/2023: `Searching with predictions´
  • Michal Kouký, 18/07/2023: `Locally consistent decomposition of strings with applications to edit distance sketching´

Regular Talks

For our regular talk series (virtual, hybrid, or on campus), please see the Campus Event Calendar.

D1 Travels

Conferences and Workshops 

  • Golnoosh, Amsterdam, ALGO'23, 'Learning-Augmented Online TSP on Rings, Trees, Flowers and (almost) Everywhere Else'
  • Nidhi Rathi, London, SAGT'23, 'Optimizing Over Serial Dictatorships'