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Conferences and Workshops 

  • Golnoosh, Amsterdam, ALGO'23, 'Learning-Augmented Online TSP on Rings, Trees, Flowers and (almost) Everywhere Else'
  • Nidhi Rathi, London, SAGT'23, 'Optimizing Over Serial Dictatorships'
  • Tomasz Kociumaka, Santa Cruz, FOCS'23, 'Collapsing the Hierarchy of Compressed Data Structures: Suffix Arrays in Optimal Compressed Space'
  • Tomasz Kociumaka, Santa Cruz, FOCS'23, 'Approximating Edit Distance in the Fully Dynamic Model'
  • Philip Wellnitz, Santa Cruz, FOCS'23, 'Optimal Algorithms for Bounded Weighted Edit Distance'
  • Adam Polak, Amsterdam, ESA'23, 'Bellman-Ford Is Optimal for Shortest Hop-Bounded Paths'