Algorithms & Complexity

D1 Talks

Noon Seminars

Dr. Corinna Coupette, 04/04/2023: Reducing Exposure to Harmful Content via Graph Rewiring 

Simon Döring, 30/03/2023: The Birkhoff-Polytope and the hardness of removing vertices 

Duri Janett, 23/03/2023: Tight Runtime Bounds for Static Unary Unbiased Evolutionary Algorithms on Linear Functions

Hannaneh Akrami, 21/03/2023: Breaking the 3/4 Barrier for Approximate Maximin Share

Regular Talks

For our regular talk series (virtual, hybrid, or on campus), please see the Campus Event Calendar.

D1 Welcomes


  • George Osipov, Linköping University, Sweden: 30/04/2023-05/05/2023  
  • Ta-Wei Tu, ETH Zürich, Taiwan (R. O. C.): 23/03/2023-23/03/2023 

  • Duri Andrea Janett, ETH, Switzerland: 20/03/2023-24/03/2023
    Talk: "Tight Runtime Bounds for Static Unary Unbiased Evolutionary Algorithms on Linear Functions"

  • Paul Gölz, Harvard University, USA: 09/03/2023-10/03/2023
    Talk: "Fair, Representative, and Transparent Algorithms for Citizens' Assemblies"

  • Anita Doan Dürr, ETH, Switzerland: 07/03/2023-09/03/2023
    Talk: "Recent Developments in Monotone Min-Plus Convolution/Product Algorithms"

  • Bhaskar Ray Chaudhury, UIUC, USA: 28/02/2023-07/03/2023
    Talk: "From Resource Allocation to Machine Learning: Fairness Through Computation and Fairness in Computation"

  • Yuval Efron, Columbia University, New York, USA: 12/01/2023-29/01/2023
    Talk: "Cut Query Algorithms Using Star-Contraction"

  • Zhongtian He, Princteton University, Princeton, USA: 13/01/2023-20/01/2023
    Talk: "Cactus Representations in Polylogarithmic Max-Flow: Max-Flow via Maximal Isolating Mincuts"


  • Borna Tavasoli, University of Tehran, Iran: 20/03/2023-15/06/2023

  • Vasileios Christos Xanthopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece: 15/02/2023-30/06/2023


  • Ran Gelles, Professor from Bur-Ilan University, Israel
  • Ahmed Ghazy, PhD Student from The American University, Cairo 

  • Dr. Adam Polak, formerly EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Talk: "Bellman-Ford is Optimal for Shortest Hop-Bounded Paths"

D1 Travels

Conferences and Workshops

  • ICLR23, Kigali, Rwanda, 29/04/2023-15/05/2023: Dr. Corinna Coupette 

  • Joint Lecture Series, RG1 at MPII, Faster Approximate String Matching: Now with up to 500 Errors, 05/04/2023: Dr. Philip Wellnitz

  • Workshop on Multi-Agent System, Bellairs Research Institute, Barbados, 23/03/23-31/03/23: Hannaneh Akrami

  • SODA23, Florence, Italy, 22/01/2023-26/01/2023: Dr. Tomasz Kociumaka, Dr. Adam Polak, Dr. Roohani Sharma, Zihang Wu

  • ITCS23, 09/01/2023-19/01/2023: Dr. Tomasz Kociumaka

  • Workshop in Combinatorial Optimization, 18/01/2023-24/01/2023: Dr. Joachim Spoerhase

Academic Visits

  • Dr. Corinna Coupette: Research Visit at EPFL, Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab (DCML), Lausanne, Switzerland, 19/04/2023-20/04/2023 

  • Zihang Wu: Academic Visit Dr. Joachim Spoerhase, Sheffield, UK, 09/04/2023-15/04/2023

  • Dr. Roohani Sharma: Academic Visit India, 22/02/2023-15/04/2023 

  • Paolo Luigi Rinaldi: Projekt MoDigPro, Ford Werke Saarlouis, 28/02/2023-01/03/2023

  • Dr. Andreas Karrenbauer: Projekt MoDigPro, Ford Werke Saarlouis, 28/02/2023-01/03/2023

  • Prof. Dr. Danupon Na Nongkai: MPG Selection Meeting, Berlin, 16/02/2023-17/02/2023

  • Golnoosh Shahkarami: Academic Visit University Sarbonne, CNRS, LIP6 30/01/2023-03/02/2023