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Postponed by 4 weeks!

Please note that on 11.3., the entire Saarland university has postponed the start of the semester by 4 weeks.  This also affects this course.  We will update the information below as soon as we can.

Basic Information

Given by:Karl Bringmann, Bhaskar Ray Chaudhury
Time:Wednesday, 4:15 PM
Room:E1.4 024
First Meeting:tba
Credits:7 credit points
Prerequisites:You should bring a solid background in algorithms and data structures. This is an advanced seminar. The papers are challenging and a proper preparation of your talk will require some effort. Thus, you should bring a great passion for theoretical computer science. The target audience of this reading group are master students, PhD students, as well as postdocs.


We will read (more or less) recent papers in theoretical computer science. The paper may be less recent if there is interesting follow-up work. In each session we have a regular presentation (40-60 minutes + discussion) of one paper. The reading group is open for all interested students and postdocs. Students aiming to get credit points must give a regular talk and write a short summary about the paper.

You earn the usual 7 credit points for a seminar if you (i) give a regular presentation of the paper given to you, and (ii) write a short summary (about 5 pages). The summary should be handed in within the first two weeks after the end of the semester, more precisely until tba (around August, 15th). You will receive comments and can improve your summary based on our comments. The presentation needs to be discussed with us at least one week before your scheduled talk in the reading group (you are supposed to give a practice talk to your supervisor).

The reading group counts as a seminar in your study program. You can register by sending an e-mail to Bhaskar. Please make sure that you read the section on prerequisites above before you register.


  • The seminar will most likely be virtual. Talks will be given on standard teleconference systems such as Zoom. In exceptional cases of unstable internet connection, it is also possible to record your talk and submit a video.


tbaBhaskarIntroduction to the Reading Group[Apr10]


List of papers available for students.

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