Informatics: Accelerated progress in computing through new algorithms

Algorithms and their applications are and have always been the main focus of the Institute. They are the core of what makes computer systems useful and productive. They influence every aspect of our daily lives and are the basis for industrial change. Throughout the last decade, major parts of our research effort have focused on multimodal computing. The grand challenge is to understand, search, and organize large, distributed, noisy, incomplete, and diverse information in a robust, efficient, and intelligent manner. Our research ranges from foundations (algorithms and complexity, automation of logic) to a variety of multimodal domains (computer graphics and vision, geometric computation, intelligent information systems, adaptive networks). In recent years, research on foundations of machine learning, as well as the investigation of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods at the intersection to the aforementioned research domains, has become an important part of the research of our institute. The overarching mission of the Institute is to be one of the world’s top players and strategic trend-setters on these topics. Most of the major advances in computer science have come through the combination of new theoretical insights and application-oriented experimental validation, all driven by outstanding researchers. Our goal is, thus, to have impact through publications, software, services, and data resources enabled by our research, and people alike.