Algorithms & Complexity

D1 Talks

Noon Seminars

Ariel Kulik, 30/05/2023: 'Faster Exponential-Time Approximation Algoritzms Using Approximate Monotone Local Search'

Tomasz Kociumaka, 25/05/2023: `Bounded Weighted Edit Distance´

Seth Pettie, 16/05/2023: 'Sorting Pattern-avoiding Permutations via Forbidden 0-1 Matrices'

George Osipov, 02/05/2023: 'Parameterized Complexity of MinCSP for Equality Constraint Languages'

Jan van den Brand, 27/04/2023: 'Faster High Accuracy Multi-commodity Flow from Single-commodity Techniques'

Ran Gelles, 18/04/2023: 'Distributed Computations in Fully-Defective Networks' 

Dr. Corinna Coupette, 04/04/2023: 'Reducing Exposure to Harmful Content via Graph Rewiring'

Simon Döring, 30/03/2023: 'The Birkhoff-Polytope and the Hardness of Removing Vertices'

Duri Janett, 23/03/2023: 'Tight Runtime Bounds for Static Unary Unbiased Evolutionary Algorithms on Linear Functions'

Hannaneh Akrami, 21/03/2023: 'Breaking the 3/4 Barrier for Approximate Maximin Share'

Regular Talks

For our regular talk series (virtual, hybrid, or on campus), please see the Campus Event Calendar.

D1 Welcomes


  • Seth Pettie, University of Michigan, USA: 11/05/2023-21/05/2023
  • George Osipov, Linköping University, Sweden:30/40/2023-05/05/2023
  • André Nusser, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: 24/04/2023-27/04/2023


  • Jakob Nogler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland: 02.06.2023-31.08.2023
  • Bingbing Hu, William Marsh Rice University, USA: 22/05/2023-20/08/2023
  • Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, Chennai Mathematical Institute, India: 11/05/2023-26/07/2023
  • Borna Tavasoli, University of Tehran, Iran: 20/03/2023-15/06/2023
  • Vasileios Christos Xanthopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece: 15/02/2023-30/06/2023


  • Dr. Mahendra Varma Nithin, Postdoc Position, June 202
  • Ran Gelles, Professor from Bur-Ilan University, Israel
    Talk: 'Distributed Computations in Fully-Defective Networks'

  • Ahmed Ghazy, PhD Student from The American University, Cairo 

  • Dr. Adam Polak, formerly EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Talk: 'Bellman-Ford is Optimal for Shortest Hop-Bounded Paths'

D1 Travels

Conferences and Workshops 

  • ICLR 2023, Kigali, Rwanda, 29/04/2023-14/05/2023: Dr. Corinna Coupette

Academic Visits

  • Academic Visit Norway, 06/06/2023-02/07/2023: Dr. Roohani Sharma
  • Scientific Visit in Israel, 06/05/2023-18/05/2023: Dr. Tomasz Kociumaka
  • Scientific Visit ENS Paris, 23/04/2023-28/04/2023: Dr. Tomasz Kociumaka
  • Scientific Visit Helsinki, 05/04/2023-20/04/2023: Yonggang Jiang
  • Academic Visit Sheffield and Helsinki, 09/04/2023-21/04/2023: Martin Herold
  • Academic Visit Sheffield, 09/04/2023-15/04/2023: Zihang Wu
  • Academic Visit India, 22/02/2023-15/04/2023: Dr. Roohani Sharma