To provide you with the right physic abilities to start testing Waldmeister (Woodruff), the prover, we also provide you with some recipes to strengthen body and mind.

Maitrunk (May-Potion)

The receipt originates from the 9th century.


You need:
3 ltr dry old whitewine
20 gr woodruff blossoms and leaves
20 gr leaves of Forrest Strawberry
10 gr leaves from black currant
10 gr leaves from ground-ivy (Glechoma Hederaceum)
150 gr powdered sugar


Put all the leaves in a slightly pre-warmed glass of appropriate size. Put the sugar over the leaves and leave it two to three hours. Afterwards put the wine to the mixture and leave it for three hours more. Filter, put in clean bottles and cork.

Is said to keep fresh for a few months.

Woodruff - bowl

You need:
30 twigs of woodruff
1 ltr dry white wine
1 bottle of sparkling wine
1 orange
3 table spoons of sugar


Let the woodruff limp overnight. Put the sugar and the wine in a big enough bowl and put the woodruff twigs in so that only leaves and blossoms are in the wine for one hour or less. Cut the orange in slices and put it in the bowl. At last, add the cooled sparkling wine to the bowl.

Woodruff liqueur

You need:
About 60 twigs of woodruff
2 oranges, hulled and cut in slices
0.7 ltr alcohol (German: Weingeist)
0.7 ltr vodka
250 gr sugar
0.4 ltr water


Put the limped woodruff together with the orange, the alcohol and the vodka in a glass. Close it and put in the sun at a window for about 4 weeks. Afterwards filter the wine. Boil the water and put the sugar in the water to solve. Let the sirup cool down, mix with the woodruff-mixture and put in bottles.

In the beginning the liqueur might taste sharp, but will get softer with time.

Woodruff- wine - jelly

You need:
60 gr woodruff
1/2 ltr dry whitewine
1/2 ltr white grape juice
1250 gr jam sugar


Wash the woodruff. Take about 5 twigs and put them in a closed box in a cooler to keep them fresh. Chop the rest of the woodruff in little pieces and put it together with the wine in a closed glas and let rest overnight.
The next day mix the grape with the sugar and heat until the sugar has dissolved. In the meantime pluck the leaves from the kept woodruff. Filter the wine and heat the grape-sugar mix. Prepare clean jelly glasses as usual. Put the wine in the grape-sugar-mix and let it boil up all together. After 10 seconds boiling take from the oven and mix in the woodruff leaves. Fill the mixture immediately into the jelly glasses and close them. Until the mixture has cooled down twist the glasses sometimes so that the woodruff leaves disperse in the jelly. Keep cool.

Keeps fresh for about 9 month.

Thanks to Manuela Therre who assisted in translation.