CoCo-Beholder: Highly-Customizable Testing of Congestion Control Algorithms

Published:  2019

Author:   Evgeniya Khasina

Description:  CoCo-Beholder is a human-friendly virtual network emulator providing the popular dumbbell topology of any size. Each link of the topology may have individual rate, delay, and queue size. The central link may also have a variable delay with optional jitter. Flows of different schemes may run between the halves of the topology together for a specified runtime of seconds. For each flow, its direction and starting second of the runtime can be chosen. Evgeniya Khasina implemented the program in the scope of the Master Thesis "The CoCo-Beholder: Enabling Comprehensive Evaluation of Congestion Control Algorithms" in 2019 under the supervision of Professor Anja Feldmann and Dr. Corinna Coupette.