Internet Architecture

Bachelor or Master Thesis Projects

We always search for students that want to write their bachelor thesis or master thesis with us. All of our projects require that you attended "Data Networks" or a similar networking course. While you can find a list of currently open projects below, you can always contact us with your ideas. Based on the area you want to work in, please reach out to the following people:

Congestion Control, SDN, and P4:
Emilia, Seifeddine
Routing and Traffic Engineering:
Social Networks & News dissemination:
Mohamad, Savvas
Internet of Things (IoT):
Traffic Analysis:
Aniss, Oliver
Internet Performance measurements:
Lars, Oliver
Video Streaming and QUIC:

If you are interested in this, please send an application naming the person you want to apply to to the email address:

Open projects / thesis ideas

If you are interested in working with our researchers on their project, please send an application naming the project and the responsible researcher(s) to inet-jobs@mpi-inf.mpg.de