Research areas

The research group will tackle the following topics:

Internet Measurement: Based on continuous observations of the Internet the goal of this group is to understand how the Internet evolves. But it also involves understanding the interdependencies between the network elements and the applications as well as the impact of failures.

Future Internet: Here the focus is on how to evolve the Internet to overcome its current limitations, e.g., by adding better network management capabilities and enhancing the capabilities of CloudNets.

Wide area data analytics: The challenge here is to enable wide area data analytics via collaborative data processing pipelines.

Excerpt of projects


Many network operations, ranging from attack investigation and mitigation to traffic management, require answering network-wide flow queries in seconds. Although flow records are collected at each router, using available traffic capture utilities, querying the resulting datasets from hundreds of routers across sites and over time remains a significant challenge due to the sheer traffic volume and distributed nature of flow records. In this project, we investigate how to improve the response time for apriori unknown network-widequeries. Flowyager is a system built on top of existing traffic capture utilities and generates succinct flow summaries,


Flowtrees are self-adjusted datastructures that reduce space and transfer requirements by 75-95% as compared to raw flow records. Flowyager manages the storage and transfers of Flowtrees, supports Flowtree operators and provides a structured query language for answering flow queries across sites and time periods.