Data Networks Lecture Summer Semester 2020


Due to the still ongoing Corona-related shut down of the University, this lecture will be held in an online fashion. We are working hard to provide a solution both user-friendly and safe. Details will follow soon.


During the course we will provide 2 lectures and one assignment every week. Passing the assignments is mandatory for exam registration. Assignments will be solved in small groups. The course is worth 9 ECTS points.


Lecturer: Anja Feldmann, Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran
Type: Core Lecture
Lectures: online, 2 x per week incl. 1 assignment per week
Course Credits: 9 LP (ECTS)
Tutorials: tbd
First Session:  
Lecture Number:  
Language: Englisch
Duration: tbd
Examination: oral exam (Please note: Passing the assignments is mandatory for exam registration)
Registration: DataNetworks ; Registration for this course is open until Monday, 04.05.2020 23:59.


This lecture explains the principles of computer networks  based on the fundamentals of the area. The topics include network protocol mechanisms, implementation principles, network algorithms, advanced network architectures, network simulations, measurements and protocol specifications and verification techniques.  



The course will be offered in english only!


Details regarding the exam can be found on this website:
An official announcement will be given during the lecture and repeated in the tutorials.

Literature (non-compulsory)