On the Practice of System and Network Engineering

Block-Seminar – Winter 2024

In this block-seminar, we will go into the practical side of system and network engineering, covering all relevant aspects:
From the humans involved to the bits of underlying technology.

# Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

- Describe best practices in system administration, from organizing work over service operation practices to operational management.
- Assess a given case and identify shortcomings in the situation
- Propose approaches for given cases based on identfied shortcomings or insufficiently implemented best-practices
- Select best-practices for given tasks (e.g., service deployment, change-management, efficacy improvement, budgeting) and apply them to a given case
- Describe the interdisciplinary nature of system administration and identify how it manifests in given cases

# Learning Activities

The seminar will follow a flipped-classroom model.
Prior to the course, a reading list pairing sessions with chapters will be provided.
Students are expected to read the material before the session (the list of reading material will be provided on the registration website).
During the session, the focus will be on hands-on activities and case discussions in the group.

RequirementsParticipants should have a sufficient working knowledge of the Internet and how digital infrastructure in general works, e.g., by having successfully participated in "Data Networks", an equivalent course, or by demonstrating relevant prior practical experience.
Student Places35
ECTS Points7

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