In our Data Networks lecture we will discuss the structure of the internet including the basics of internet communication. We will start at the application layer and investigate services like web (HTTP), mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP), domain name systems (DNS) or routing (BGP). After that we will work through the transport layer (TCP, UDP) down to the network layer (IP). Lastly, we will examine the interactions between the protocols. 

This lecture explains the principles of computer networks  based on the fundamentals of the area. The topics include network protocol mechanisms, implementation principles, network algorithms, advanced network architectures, network simulations, measurements and protocol specifications and verification techniques.  


Our seminar "Hot topics in Data Network" is based on the Data Networks lecture. In this seminar, you will receive a closer look at bleeding-edge research published at the top conferences in our domain. Discussing state-of-the-art approaches and recent findings from a broad range of network-related topics with your peers and instructors will provide you with a deep understanding of your assigned topic. Preparing the accompanying research survey and topic presentation will not only strengthen your academic writing but also help you to present your future work in a more accessible and structured way.

In our block-seminar "On the practice of System and Network Engineering", we will go into the practical side of system and network engineering, covering all relevant aspects:
From the humans involved to the bits of underlying technology. In this seminar, you will learn how to

- Describe best practices in system administration, from organizing work over service operation practices to operational management.
- Assess a given case and identify shortcomings in the situation
- Propose approaches for given cases based on identfied shortcomings or insufficiently implemented best-practices
- Select best-practices for given tasks (e.g., service deployment, change-management, efficacy improvement, budgeting) and apply them to a given case
- Describe the interdisciplinary nature of system administration and identify how it manifests in given cases