Living in Saarbrücken

Cost of living

Compared to other cities in Germany, the living costs in Saarbrücken are relatively low.

Students spend an estimated 350 to 510 Euros per month. Expect to spend this much or more, depending on where you buy food (big supermarkets are cheaper) and how often you eat out or travel. You should also add the cost of renting an apartment, with rents ranging from about 280 to 400 euros (small or middle sized furnished apartments) plus a deposit of one month's rent. Please make sure to have enough cash with you until you receive your 1st salary.


Saarbrücken is situated in the heart of Europe right next to France and Luxemburg. It is known for its wonderful hiking trails, biking paths, its cultural sites and its culinary highlights. Find more detailed information on the following tourism websites:

Social life

Saarbrücken offers a wide variety of social activities like cinemas, theaters, concert halls, libraries, sports, etc.. Please check this link for more information.

Shopping facilities

Larger shops and department stores in downtown Saarbrücken are open until 8pm Monday-Saturday and closed on Sunday. Be aware that some shops, especially smaller ones, may close before 8p.m. on Saturdays. Some bakeries are open until 11a.m. or 12noon on Sundays.

Restaurants are, of course, open on Sundays, but most of them are then closed on Mondays. Stuhlsatzenhaus Restaurant, down the street from MPI on Stuhlsatzenhausweg, is open on Mondays but closed on Saturdays.

Pharmacies are separate stores and are not affiliated with grocery or drugstores. Prescription drugs are only available in pharmacies.

Department Stores

There are four main department stores in Saarbrücken:

Grocery Stores

Here are the main grocery stores you will find in Saarbrücken:

Electronics Stores

The following are the largest electronics stores:

The shop tedox offers everything that you need for your household from pots and pans and cuttlery to towels and bedclothing.


There are a lot of hairdressers in Saarbrücken, but most of them expect you to have an appointment. Only a few accept drop-ins.

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