Buses in Saarbrücken: The Saartal routes.

Saartallinien. This state-owned local company provides bus lines and a tramway. Depending on the line, buses run every 15 to 60 minutes.
It is advisable to buy a timetable, sold at the main train station or in bookshops. It is really handy and contains a map of the entire bus network and train schedules.

You can check the timetable online. Also ticket prices are available online.

Saarbahn and bus stations

Universität Busterminalthe closest station to MPI
Universität Mensathe second nearest station to MPI
Universität Campuscenter campus, near Service Center
Haus der Zukunfta busy station where a lot of buslines cross
Rathaus/Johanneskirchebusy station downtown
Hauptbahnhofstation in front of the central railway station

Deutsche Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn is responsible for the German train system, its website gives detailed information about train schedules and platforms, trips inside Germany, and prices.

General information on the train system in Germany
Passenger trains are classified according to their speed, the distance they cover, and the type of services they offer.

Special prices:
Holders of a Bahncard receive a discount on all train fares within Germany. The card is only valid for the person it is issued to. (Important: There are different types of BahnCards. Some BahnCards are automatically renewed for one year, unless they are cancelled no later than 6 weeks before the renewal date.)

The Deutsche Bahn's price system for long-distance traffic offers special discounts, especially if you are able to book far in advance and commit to the specific train you have chosen.

Train tickets:
The rule in Germany is that you buy a ticket before travel begin; otherwise, you will end up paying a higher fare or even a penalty. Bear in mind that ticket checks are routine, as each train usually has a team of staff rather than a single conductor. Tickets for train travel can be purchased from

  • Travel centers or booking offices at stations
  • Authorized travel agencies (additional handling fee)
  • Ticket machines at stations (touch screen)
  • Timetable and tickets via the Internet

or if you are travelling on MPI business, please get your online train ticket from the secretary of your department. (Please see her well in advance.)