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AIDAAccurate Online Disambiguation of Named Entities in Text and Tables
AmbiverseNLUAmbiverse Natural Language Understanding suite
ClausIEClause-Based Open Information Extraction
CredEyeExplaining the Credibility of Claims on the Web and Social Media
CounQERCounting Quantifiers and Entity-valued Predicates, by Shrestha Ghosh
DICEJoint Reasoning for Multi-Faceted Commonsense Knowledge
EMoFielEmotion Mapping of Fictional Relationship, by Harshita Jhavar and Paramita Mirza
ENTYFIEntity Typing in Fictional Text
KnowLifeKnowledge Graph for Health and Life Sciences, by Patrick Ernst
DeepLifeEntity-aware Search, Analytics and Exploration for Health and Life Sciences, by Patrick Ernst
LongLifePersonalized Search for Health and Life Sciences, by Patrick Ernst and Erisa Terolli
SANDIIllustrate Your Story: Enriching Text with Images, by Sreyasi Nag Chowdhury, William Cheng (chengwill97@gmail.com), Gerard de Melo and Simon Razniewski
STICSSearching with Strings, Things and Cats
TEQUILATemporal Question Answering over Knowledge Bases, by Zhen Jia (zjia@swjtu.edu.cn), Abdalghani Abujabal and Rishiraj Saha Roy
QUESTAnswering Complex Questions by joining Multi-Document Evidence with Quasi Knowledge Graphs, by Xiaolu Lu (xiaolu.lu@rmit.edu.au), Soumajit Pramanik and Rishiraj Saha Roy
QsearchAnswering Quantity Queries from Text, by Vinh Thinh HoYusra Ibrahim and Koninika Pal
date-ROMEExplore Street Names with Date References and Their Explanations
tiwikiTime-aware Search Engine for Wikipedia
WebChildCommonsense Knowledge from the Web
HowToKBDistilling Task Knowledge from How-to Communities