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AIDAAccurate Online Disambiguation of Named Entities in Text and Tables
AmbiverseNLUAmbiverse Natural Language Understanding suite
ASCENTAdvanced Semantics for Commonsense Knowledge Extraction, by Tuan-Phong Nguyen
ASCENT++Refined Commonsense Knowledge from Large-Scale Web Contents, by Tuan-Phong Nguyen
CHARMEDExploring Personal Knowledge Extraction from Conversations, by Anna Tigunova
ClausIEClause-Based Open Information Extraction
CONQUERReinforcement learning from reformulations for conversational question answering, by Magdalena Kaiser and Rishiraj Saha Roy.
CONVEXConversational Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs, by Philipp Christmann and Rishiraj Saha Roy
CounQERCounting Quantifiers and Entity-valued Predicates, by Shrestha Ghosh
CROWNConversational Question Answering over Passages by Leveraging Word Proximity Networks, by Magdalena Kaiser and Rishiraj Saha Roy
DICEJoint Reasoning for Multi-Faceted Commonsense Knowledge
EMoFielEmotion Mapping of Fictional Relationship, by Harshita Jhavar and Paramita Mirza
ENTYFIEntity Typing in Fictional Text
KnowLifeKnowledge Graph for Health and Life Sciences, by Patrick Ernst
DeepLifeEntity-aware Search, Analytics and Exploration for Health and Life Sciences, by Patrick Ernst
LongLifePersonalized Search for Health and Life Sciences, by Patrick Ernst and Erisa Terolli
SANDIIllustrate Your Story: Enriching Text with Images, by Sreyasi Nag Chowdhury, William Cheng (chengwill97@gmail.com), Gerard de Melo and Simon Razniewski
STICSSearching with Strings, Things and Cats
TEQUILATemporal Question Answering over Knowledge Bases, by Zhen Jia, Abdalghani Abujabal and Rishiraj Saha Roy
QUESTAnswering Complex Questions by joining Multi-Document Evidence with Quasi Knowledge Graphs, by Soumajit Pramanik and Rishiraj Saha Roy
QUINTInterpretable Question Answering over Knowledge Bases, by Abdalghani Abujabal and Rishiraj Saha Roy
QsearchAnswering Quantity Queries from Text, by Vinh Thinh HoYusra Ibrahim and Koninika Pal
date-ROMEExplore Street Names with Date References and Their Explanations
WikinegataEnriching knowledge bases with interesting negative statements