MENTOR-lite: A light-weight Workflow Management System

High availability of distributed data is an important prerequisite for the efficiency of enterprise-wide business processes, so-called workflows. These workflows consist of several work steps that access different, autonomously managed databases and other information services. The group is developing infrastructure software, so-called middleware, with the goal of coordinated and reliable execution of workflows in highly heterogeneous, distributed information systems. Workflows are specified, executed and monitored by means of state and activity charts. Further, administrative tools are developed on top of the workflow kernel, resulting in a flexible WFMS architecture. The distributed runtime environment being developed aims to provide fault tolerance based on transaction-oriented services as well as efficient access to the history and the current context of workflows.

Download the WinZIP archive (9.617 kB) with readme, sources, and demo.

Find detailed information and a self-guided demo of our research prototype here.