Winter Semester 2017/18

  • Information Retrieval and Data Mining

    Information Retrieval (IR) and Data Mining (DM) is a core course (9 ECTS credits) offered for winter semester 2017 - 2018.

    Lecturers: Jilles Vreeken, Jannik Strötgen.

  • Tensors in Data Analysis

    In the past decade, tensor decompositions have become an important method in data analysis. In this block course, we will learn what are the major tensor decompositions, what are the algorithms for computing them, and what are their primary applications, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Knowledge Bases

    In this block seminar, we cover a range of topics around different types of Knowledge Bases (KBs), in particular factual, common-sense and non-textual KBs. We explore how these KBs are constructed and how they are used in various applications. We also explore learning new facts over KBs.

  • Knowledge Representation for the Semantic Web

    Semantic Web is a maturing field of technology that continues to be the emphasis of much focused research and industrial investigation. Its central idea is to add meaning (semantics) to the data on the Web thus making it machine processable. In this course we cover the standardized knowledge representation languages for enriching the data with meaning. More specifically, on the theoretical side we will study the syntax and semantics of the main ontology and rule-based languages. On the practical side we will exploit the available tools for the knowledge representation and reasoning.