Please submit the solutions during the Thursday lecture. Only handwritten solutions are accepted.

Joint solutions, prepared by up to three persons together, are allowed (but not encouraged). If you prepare your solution jointly, submit it only once and indicate all authors on the sheet.


Sheet 1 (November 1) Sheet

Sheet 2 (November 8) Sheet

Sheet 3 (November 15) SheetcSheet

Sheet 4 (November 22) Sheet

Sheet 5 (November 29) Sheet

Sheet 6 (December 6) Sheet

Sheet 7 (January 3) Sheet

Sheet 8 (January 10) Sheet

Sheet 9 (January 17) Sheet

Sheet 10 (January 24) Sheet

Sheet 11 (January 31) Sheet

Sheet 12 (February 7) Sheet




The tutorial groups start in week 3 (beginning from November 7, respectively).


Time slots of the tutorial groups:


Group 1: Wednesday, 16-18, Room 630, Building E1 5; Tutor: Tobias Gehl (s9togehl[at]stud[dot]uni-saarland[dot]de)

Group 2: Wednesday, 12-14, Room 630, Building E1 5; Tutor: Fabian Kunze (fkunze[at]mpi-inf[dot]mpg[dot]de)


Please send an email to jmueller@mpi-inf.mpg.de with your name and student ID

in order to enter the moved course of Tobias on Wednesday.


Don't forget to register with HISPOS since we are unable to do this automatically.