YAGO can only be so large because it is based on other sources. We would like to thank

  • the numerous voluntary editors of Wikipedia.
    Thank you for giving mankind such a wonderful huge encyclopedia!
  • the creators of WordNet.
    Thank you for organizing and analyzing the English language in such a diligent way and thank you for making your work available for free!
  • the creators and contributers of GeoNames for collecting a huge number of geographical locations and allowing the reuse of their work!

YAGO has benefited from many contributors. In particular, the following people deserve our thanks:

  • The numerous volunteers who reported bugs in the YAGO ontology
  • The DBPedia team for integrating the YAGO taxonomy into the DBPedia project
  • Mike Bergman for his numerous helpful comments on YAGO
  • Frederick Giasson for his substantial help with the RDFS converter