Quantity Search

Searching for Entities with Quantity Constraints over Web Content

Quantities are more than numeric values. They represent measures for entities, expressed in numbers with associated units. Search queries often include quantities, such as athletes who ran 200m under 20 seconds or companies with quarterly revenue above $2 Billion. Processing such queries requires understanding the quantities, where capturing the surrounding context is an essential part of it. Although modern search engines or QA systems handle entity-centric queries well, they consider numbers and units as simple keywords, and therefore fail to understand the condition (less than, above, etc.), the unit of interest (seconds, dollar, etc.), and the context of the quantity (200m race, quarterly revenue, etc.) As a result, they cannot generate the correct candidate answers.

In this reseach project, we develop various searching methods that can handle advanced queries with quantity constraints using the common cues present in both query and the data sources.