Latent Embeddings for Zero-shot Classification

Yongqin Xian , Zeynep Akata , Gaurav Sharma,

Quynh NguyenMatthias Hein and Bernt Schiele


We present a novel latent embedding model for learning a compatibility function between image and class embeddings, in the context of zero-shot classification. The proposed method augments the state-of-the-art bilinear compatibility model by incorporating latent variables. Instead of learning a single bilinear map, it learns a collection of latent variable maps with the selection of which map to use being a latent variable for the current image-class pair. We train the model with a ranking based objective function which penalizes incorrect rankings of the true class for a given image. We empirically validate that our model improves the state-of-the-art for various class embeddings consistently on three challenging publicly available datasets for the zero-shot setting. Moreover, our method leads to visually highly interpretable results with clear clusters of different fine-grained object properties that correspond to different latent variable maps.

Paper, Code and Data , data_Dogs113.mat, data_AWA.mat

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