Software and Datasets

This page contains links to downloadable datasets and software packages recorded by our group. See also our Research page.

People Detection, Pose Estimation and Tracking

Visual Privacy

Vision and Language

Human Activity Recognition

  • MPII Cooking Activities (dataset)
    A Database for Fine Grained Activity Detection of Cooking Activities.
    Marcus Rohrbach, Sikandar Amin, Mykhaylo Andriluka, and Bernt Schiele. In CVPR'12.
  • MPII Cooking Composite Activities (dataset)
    Script Data for Attribute-based Recognition of Composite Activities.
    Marcus Rohrbach, Michaela Regneri, Mykhaylo Andriluka, Sikandar Amin, Manfred Pinkal, and Bernt Schiele. In ECCV'12.
  • Long-term Visual Behaviour (dataset)
    Discovery of Everyday Human Activities From Long-term Visual Behaviour Using Topic Models.
    Julian Steil, Andreas Bulling. In UbiComp'15.

Knowledge Transfer and Semi-supervised Learning

Image and Video Segmentation

Object Recognition and Scene Understanding

Ubiquitous Computing

Gaze-Based Human-Computer Interaction