By: Gerard Pons-Moll

Human Motion from Video and Inertial Measurement Units

We use a combination of Inertial Measurement Units and a video camera to extract full-body human movement.

By: Gerard Pons-Moll

3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation

Extract 3D from 2D? How to obtain realistic human 3D models from 2D pictures.

By: Simon Razniewski

Making computers know how much they know.

How to make a computer algorithm "know" that its knowledge is limited.

By: Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran

Questioning the Status Quo in Video Streaming

Not all bytes of a video stream require reliable data transfer — We show how to optimize video streaming using a partially reliable transport.

By: Rhaleb Zayer

Linear Algebra Primitives for Geometry Processing: Really Affordable High Performance

How to streamline geometry processing operations from the ground up in an intuitive and platform-independent manner.

By: Andreas Karrenbauer

AZERTY amélioré – French keyboard layout optimized

Optimized layout: The new french standard keyboard.

By: Christoph Lenzen

How to Keep Your Neighbors Close – in Time

Robust gradient clock synchronization between direct communicating computers in networks.

By: Christoph Lenzen

Distributed Algorithms for Fault-tolerant Hardware

Using distributed algorithms, one can reliably generate and distribute a clock signal in very large systems, enabling unfailing synchronization.

By: Andreas Karrenbauer

Improving Flat Panel Displays by Discrete Optimization

To reduce the energy consumption of flat panel displays one needs hardware-implementable algorithms that manage the pixel control. A patented solution…

By: Jürgen Steimle

Digital Fabrication of Flexible Displays and Touch Sensors

The technique PrintScreen enables Jürgen Steimle to print touch-displays. The follow-up PrintSense captures also deformation of the sensor and…