Florian Michahelles

Personal Information

Dr. Florian Michahelles is the associate director of the Auto-ID LabsZurich/St. Gallen and manager of the labs of Prof. Fleisch at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zürich. His research interests include following topics centred around the Internet of Things: RFID applications, extending the EPC Architecture Framework for sensing capabilities, technical approaches against anti-counterfeiting, and RFID applications for the end-consumer.

In December 2004, Dr. Michahelles received his PhD from ETH Zurich for his research in participative design of wearable computing applications and the development of innovative business cases for ubiquitous computing. At this time Dr. Michahelles was a researcher in the former group of Prof. Bernt Schiele at ETH Zurich where he worked for the EU-funded Smart-Its project lead by Prof. Hans-Werner Gellersen and the ETH-funded Wearable Computing Poly Project lead by Prof. Gerhard Tröster.

Before, Michahelles obtained a M.Sc (Diplom-Informatiker Univ.) in computer science and psychology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany in 2001. In spring 2000, Dr. Michahelles was also a Sloan Visiting Fellow at MIT Sloan School of Management where he focused his studies on entrepreneurship and management of innovation. During this time he also worked as an MIT E-Lab consultant for the Spanish start-up company MyAlert.com.

For more information, please visit my page http://www.im.ethz.ch/people/fmichahelles.